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/ Under Fermentation

Support by LOM+you in 2023 

and Soulangh Artists-in-Residence Program for 2024


「不正確」實驗室  系列
The “Incorrect” Lab Series

Support by National Human Rights Museum in 2020

2020 由國家人權博物館贊助


Support by Cultural Affairs of City of San Jose and National Culture and Arts Foundation in 2019 

2019 由聖荷西文化部、國家文化藝術基金會贊助

雨,來過。The rains came. Artist in residency in Korea. 李欣芫,當代藝術
The Rains Came     비,오다。
Artist in residency in Korea / 韓國駐村

Support by Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Korea and Bamboo Curtain Studio in 2017

2017 由全北道立美術館及竹圍工作室贊助

地方, 理解, 當代藝術, 李欣芫

The Place II 
地方計畫 〔II〕

Place I: The Vanished "Future City"

The Place I 
地方計畫 〔I〕

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