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Water Spread

Water Spread: San Jose & Tainan—Dialog between Contemporary Art and Technology  is an exchange project between Tainan City and San Jose. The project investigates the hydrology in both cities, a theme regarding humanity and technology, and the significance of water supplies to households and industries. Tainan and San Jose have been sister cities since more than four decades ago, there share experience and value in urban and industrial development. Through the exploration of contemporary art, artists are enriching the cultural bonds between the two cities.

Water Spread won’t be materialized without the grant of 2019 Arts and Cultural Exchange Grants awarded by the San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs. Artists selected by the San Jose-Tainan Sister City Association are Ting Chaong-Wen and Cia Hsinyuna Lee,  and Cia Hsinyuna Lee is completing her visit to San Jose in October 2019.  



「水蔓延」獲美國聖荷西市政府文化局2019藝術與文化交流獎(Arts and Cultural Exchange Grants),由聖荷西—台南姐妹市協會遴選出台灣藝術家丁昶文、李欣芫赴美交流,由李欣芫於2019年10月出訪聖荷西市。

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