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Place II:

Collection of Understanding

By Cia Hsinyuan Lee

Translate by C.J. Anderson-Wu



Unpermitted structures over roofs appear before my eyes everyday,

Low(resentment), high(overlook), far(suspecion), near(question);

Year after year, they seem to show indescribable orders and rhymes.

Drawing a line with my finger over the contours of certain patterns constituted by corrugated iron boards of different sizes,

I wonder, what am I hearing?



Collection of Understanding is the part II of my Place Project. Works of part II are the unfinished or fragmental ideas from the beginning of part I that I did not find the way to complete. After the conclusion of the first part I further developed them. I removed the backdrops of those “unusual” or “eccentric” things I run into everyday and represent them by sketching them, in order to fit myself into such unusuality and eccentricity. I study them and try to understand the reasons of their status of existence. Gradually, the unusuality and eccentricity became a part of my daily life, and later a part of my collection. These actions made myself eccentric like my learning objects, thus I become a part of my own collection.  


Place Project is about sense of belonging and to establish relationship with others. It kicked off in 2014, a project of unscheduled creation and a new living. The title, inspired from the book Place: a short introduction by Tim Cresswell, is motivated by my concern of discovering sense of place, among other cultural geographic issues. Setting out from the small place I live, beginning from my house then to the countrysides in southern Taiwan, I visit  and immerse myself in a variety of places to investigate the nuances of the sense of different places. I also looked into local documents and interview people to get acquainted with these places; meanwhile, contemplating upon the intercorrelation between man and places in the flow of time, as well as the power behind it. 












       「地方」計畫:是一個關於「歸屬」及「與他者」建立新關係的無限期創作、生活計劃,開始於2014年。其命名引用 Tim Cresswell【地方,記憶、想像與認同】(Place: a short introdutction) 一書。而所進行的方式偏向探索人文地理中的地方感為主要關懷動機,從所處生活小地方開始(住所),到各處、差異的地方感表現,透過似人類學的文獻閱讀、實地走訪、參與、浸駐和訪談的方式重新與南台灣的種種「地方」相識,思考人與它在時間流動下所產生的相互連帶關係和背後牽引的權力關係。

WORKS/作品   (click image to see more)

Everything is in its place here
Collection of understanding-Listen, everything is in its place
Collection of understanding-Listen, what and who make us grow like this?

理解的收藏-聽    (開幕行為紀錄剪輯)    

Collection of Understanding - Listening   (Opening Performance Live Record edited)

2017.10.28   @FreeS Art Space, Taipei Taiwan

Collection of Understanding-Listening

About the Sound and Performance in the Exhibition



Under the darkness, it may see more when you focus on listening.
As I get myself into the vibration of sound, it seems to open a connection and approach and further understand the “eccentric” and “unusual” which I see and feel in my daily environment.




About Sound

During the process of Place project, “listening” is the motive sense and crucial action. The tweeting sound of flying-birds during the night, the sound that water drip on corrugated iron boards after rained…those sound are enlarged in the darkness and at the same time, auditory sense is awaked. Thus, as a beginner also a listener in the sound world, I’ve got myself into the circumstances of hearing sense, to listen, to feel, to relish and to understand through recording and monitoring. 

In grains and layers of environment sound, low, high, rush, gradual, far and near, lead my wave in mind. In the speaking sound of the event, I listen carefully to the announcement again and again, to understand the content of speech, and the emotions, tones of announcer. No matter the sound is from the speech or the environment, there are reasons behind. Because their vibrate-curve which break out the silence are present the relations and existence between themselves and environment.

Yet, are you existing in the sound as well?



About Performance

The performance (moving element) is an natural happen element followed by sound. How do myself exist in the circumstance of sound as a listener, that's the main quizzing. By the form of performance, I attempt to respond the learning, reflection and resist that I have had during the listening progress.

Sound list: 

National Day speech

Indictment reading

Midnight ceremony on Lunar 10th of January

Excavator tear down the old house

Heavy rain in the afternoon

Wind and rain in Typhoon

Drilling sound from different places

Piano practice

Homing birds warbling

Live sound 























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