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The rains came.


Performance, Installation and Sound   |   about 24 mins   |   2017

There are four parts in the performance,

the first part: Pink (world).

The second part: Where I come from.

The third part: What do you hear? (Where I am)

The last part: The lullaby with my native language.


  The idea started from a occurrent that during the progress of Place [I].: Lullaby melody appeared. Because of insomnia, the lullaby melody, which I used to heard in my childhood, sounded up on my mind. And it lingers for years during the process of "Place" project. In 2016 I record a short humming piece of it, then did not develop the idea further until 2017.

  When I decide the third part of Place project will start in different city(or country), and the main concern will more closer up to the relations between people and life, on person and as well as on public issue, the lullaby idea become the first developing point of the project. And residency in Korea is the beginning of the project. 

  During the residency, I did several different observing and collecting work in the place where I live. One, I created a questionnaire to interview some locals about lullaby. Two, to record the miniature sound that constantly exist in local life and compose them. Three, to pay attention to the public issue that related to my previous concern from news media. 

  In the final work, I chose two lullabies, Korea traditional lullaby and Children on the Island, that most known in local and one by Brahms, another one by Taiwanese composer Quan-sheng Lu (呂泉生), total use four lullabies to connect my observing and collecting result in Korea.


In the artwork, the playing sound are including surrounding, Opening Ceremony of 29th Summer Universiade 2017, the indictment of Lee Ming-che (李明哲), strike in Korea, live radio and live singing.


This project is support by

Bamboo Curtain Studio (Taiwan) and

Jeonbuk Museum of Art (Korea)

The first part: Pink

Sound, Installations and Performance   |   video length 05'00"   |   2017

The fourth part: Lullaby

Sound, Installations and Performance   |   video length 02'03"  |   2017




Exhibition Information/展覽資訊

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