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The Vanished "Future City"

Place [Ⅰ] 

by Cia Hsinyuan Lee



   After a-year-long residence in Germany, I came back to Taiwan at the end of 2013. With expectation and joy settled down in Xinying Tainan, where I've grown up. However, what I felt was “something wrong” and not a sense of belonging but alienation. The unfamiliar perception made me to start an new exploring-project that I haven't done before. The project is without deadline limit and both contain life and create. Initially I named it “Place.” The main and crucial motivation was a demolished event. A wall with children’s painting on it and named the "Future City” was vanished. 


  Three years passed by, what the life under the variations of a place is? What caused the disappearance phenomena? The discover is still in progress, but the project appear a phase point in ways, so Place〔Ⅰ〕is ready to release. The presentation of exhibition divides the project progress into two part: prophase and later period.


  The prophase started from discovering the context of urban development and local history. Following the path of the written documents, the oral narration of local elders, the life of the locals and the deserted buildings, I attempt to fill the empty memory that I was absence. To contrast what I read and heard to the live scene is disappeared and changed, extend to the idea of connection and disconnection. Thus to respond above status become the main concern of my prophase’s work in early two year of the project.


Then comes the deeper quotes question: what exactly the disappearance is, that I face and perceive?

Is the world behind vanished when Alice impulsively follows the Rabbit? 

Is the attack by the playing cards gone when she wakes up?

Or is the loss of my autonomy when following the command to paint in the way that’s not mine? 


   In the later period, I attempt to digging and opening the misunderstanding and mistaken reputation through the process of writing the monologue. Moreover reproduce the status between wondering and respond, back and forth, then transform into visual works.


   The vanished “Future city”-Place [Ⅰ] begin from seeing the vanishment in present. Through the digging and scanning process, further discover the power and consciousness behind, and how the system or collective consciousness control and shape my ideology during my childhood. In city so-called the “place” shows particular sense of human geography. For me, the Place in this project [Ⅰ] is a world that can heal the trauma in reality, can understand the virtual attraction, can everything be in its place and is the power that make the liberty awake. And this world can only be reached through narration and recreate.             2016/11/11











消失的「未來城市」-地方〔Ⅰ〕,是從身體的「在場」面對「消失」而開始,透過對城市的挖掘、掃描,發現於成長過程中我之於體制、社會框架下的控制及形塑,與權力的意識。城市公共空間中的地方皆顯現著人文地理的一種樣貌,對我而言這次展覽想展開的「地方」是一股可以療癒現實創傷,理解虛擬的趨光,能安適其位、自由覺醒的力量,是穿越記憶,透過敘事、再造才能抵達的世界。 2016/11/11

The Return
Everything in the Place
Family Album

About The Place Project  since 2014





「地方」的命名是引用 Tim Cresswell【地方,記憶、想像與認同】(Place: a short introdutction) 一書。其進行方式偏向以人文地理中的地方感探索為主要關懷出發,從所處生活小地方開始(住所),到差異的、抽象的文化地方感,透過仿人類學的文獻閱讀、實地走訪、參與、浸駐的方式重新與南台灣的種種「地方」相遇認識,思考人與它在時間流動下所產生的相互連帶關係和背後牽引的權力關係。2017

Please check below link : 

The Introduction 序文:那一面被拆除的「未來城市」

Field Research < Ⅰ >   田調踏查記(一) 歷史在哪裡?   Where is the History and Her-story?

Site Survey Part one   勘景(一)   Lage Überblick (Teil eins)

"The Past Afar, The Place More Than Close."    Ⅰ  「很遠的過去,咫尺的地方」


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