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Listening to the Water   

Sound composition   |    11'58" , 6'23", 11'47"   |   2020


The diverse forms of existence of water contain secret messages about life. 


Congealed in the atmosphere, water falls to the surface of the earth, making sounds of divergent frequencies and rhythms on different substances and structures, composing music about landscape. The sound of the rain falling from the sky inspires a journey where the transmission of messages of elements of water is explored through sound. Through the propagation of diverse seismic waves, resonant listening unfolds, while the mutually crashing sound connections and relative relationship among the existence of “water”, and human, matter, environment and technology are revealed. 


Listen, rain and the river

Listen, water within human activities, and virtual water

Listen, water in transmission, water in construction, water in machines, water in mutation, and the atmosphere 


Step by step, the vibration and energy she brings point to the ancient source of “water”: the universe.

And the journey of exploration continues, unfinished.



This is an album including compositions with sound recordings of “water” elements collected in the past three years. The sound from field recording was collected from rivers, traditional fish markets, water towers and storage tanks in the Southern Taiwan Science Park, sewage disposal plants, wetlands, trade show venues, etc., traversing Tainan in Taiwan, Wanju in Korea, Tokyo in Japan and San Jose in the U.S., and covering two international arts residency projects: Bamboo Curtain Studio “2017 International Residency Exchange Program” and  2019 Arts and Cultural Exchange Grant of San Jose, United States.


Recorded, mixed and composed by Cia Hsinyuan Lee

Mixed and Mastered by Nigel Brown / Ting Shuo Studio

Cover design by Cia Hsinyuan Lee

released August 22, 2020


聲音編曲專輯  | 11'58" , 6'23", 11'47"   |  2020








聽 雨和河流

聽 人類活動中的水、虛擬水

聽 傳送中的水、工程中的水、機械中的水、變異中的水、大氣









後期成音:Nigel Brown



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