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Across the Lake / Kòe Ô͘ 


Duration : 8min 30s   |   Language : English/Taiwanese   |   Resolution : 4096 X 4096   |   Audio : 5.1    |   2023 


Fulldome  (in collaboration with digital artist Sandrine Deumier)

«Across the Lake/Kòe Ô͘» is a plunge into a landscape recomposed like a mnemonic score. Using processes of mental association, the video is broken down into multiple perceptions of the same journey. The different points of attention allow the eye to oscillate between details and overviews, microcosm and macrocosm, real perceptions and recomposition through other landscapes summoned in memory like impossible resurgences.

Sound is made into triggers of consciousness, to claw, to harrow, to excavate, to stroke, to pinch, to rinse along with the visual.
It intends to farm life; to nurture bacteria; to release the fragrant emerald; to path the unknown empty in mind; to build an exterior alliance with liberty. By using physical sounds, it dismantles the frame of consciousness and reveal luminous death and birth.

«Across the Lake/Kòe Ô͘» is an audiovisual decoy that underlines the fact that perception is only a mental construct.

Visual : Sandrine Deumier

Sound : Cia Himiân Lí

Koe3Oo5, Sandrine Deumier, Cia Himian Li
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