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A Pool, a Group of Koi, Knocking  
Bamboo and mixed media installation, sound, and performance  

   “Politics” is like the simultaneous growing process of ivies climbing within behavior and thoughts, accompanying and forming an individual into some particular gesture, living. This is what I discover and understand from the relation of “political decision” to my personal life.

  And between “politics” and “life” exist active and passive relations regarding cognition. In general cognition, there is no direct connection between the two. There must be some intermediary so that the relations are mediated and linked. And I think such intermediary might be an issue or one’s “choice” and “consciousness”. Without any intermediary to open up, the two are separated by a screen that is visible yet impossible to touch, making it difficult to make direct or deep connections.


  The question “How / Are We / Conscious of History?” as the reality of the exhibit site and works itself, hang on the high top of the atrium in City Council. The question is also the intermediary that I connect the current situation of the city council and local history. 


  In the first part of the performance, I gently move through under the present time and installation, then take the body movement as the avatar of the consciousness. When I step into the pond, my body and swimming koi become different aspects of responding to reality in the works, we sometimes standoff, sometimes insight each other, and sometimes ignore each other. In the last part of the performance, I juxtapose live playback of hydrophone, narration, and parliament sound field to express a conscious state of backtracking the historical clue process.  


  The performance intervened in three different worlds in the space of the pool and the atrium, existing above and under the water as well as on the water’s surface that, and to link them. It is also a metaphor of the co-existence of humans, politics, and life as linked together and implied by one another.

This is an on-site produce works in Tainan City Council (Minji Council Room)


竹管裝置、雷射切割、聲音、行為   |   2018









A Pool, A Shoal of Koi, Knocking   (Video version)
On-Channel Video  |  20'09"  |  2021

單頻立體聲錄像  |  20分09秒  |  2021


Photo by Chaong Wen Ting

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