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The Waste and the Darkness

10’10”   |   Sound composition and mixed media installation   |   Dimensions variable   |   2023

Treating the wastewater treatment plant and the water supply facilities (incl. industrial water tank and distribution reservoir) in the Tainan Branch of Southern Taiwan Science Park as the primary sites of field recording, this work explores the front-end ingress of water and the back-end disposal before water discharge, thereby getting a glimpse of the role of water resource in the manufacturing process and the concomitant management and environmental costs. I employed several approaches to record the soundscape of vibrations from the underground pipelines and the machines in the facilities. This work performs a microscopic examination of the soundscape, from which the viewers can perceive the spatio-temporal continuation and connection between sound and place. The 5,000-year underground history and the future converge right here.

photo by Live Forever Foundation

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